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Welcome to Mind & Body Musings!

I started this blog to share Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama (Yogic Breath-work) techniques, and helpful insights, information and resources to relieve stress, manage pain, improve overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Most importantly, I hope to build a community that shares the common goal of living life the best that we can.

I have accumulated over 1500 hours of teaching Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work and Life-skills. The most valuable things I have gained from these experiences is the connection with students, clients, other Health and Wellness professionals and enthusiasts. I hope to strengthen these connections and provide an opportunity for us to learn from and support each other, to heal and live with joy together.

I invite you to visit my website and view my offerings, even better, become a Mind & Body Muse Community Member and receive access to special events, discounts, free Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work videos, mp3s, activity sheets, and more.

You can follow me on Instagram or join the Mind & Body Musings Facebook group!

I look forward to sharing and connecting with you,


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