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How to achieve your goals in 2021.

Set your Sankalpa first!

A Sankalpa is a powerful vow, resolve, determined statement or declaration that represents and supports your heart’s deepest desire and your deepest truth. It is clear, positive, most often stated as if it were already true.

Sankalpa is used in Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation practice that, among other things, allows for both relaxation and self-exploration. It is so much more than a new year's resolution or statement of goals and deeper than an Intention. It can align our actions, thoughts, the quality of our words, how we exist and how we interact with the external world.

So many of our new year’s resolutions get lost while we struggle to survive. Setting authentic Sankalpa can provide a supportive foundation on which intentions and goals can be set, maintained and achieved throughout the year, allowing for flexibility, resilience and joy! One can call upon their Sankalpa when life gets overwhelming, the end goal seems impossible to reach, or motivational energy falls low.

Sankalpa reminds us of who we truly are. Some examples could be:

  • I am at peace.

  • I live with compassion.

  • Peace is my true nature.

  • I am whole.

  • I am healed.

  • I am at peace.

  • I am content.

  • Love is my true nature.

  • I am a student of human experience.

  • I nourish my body.

  • I nourish my mind.

  • I am a space-holder for others to share their stories.

The last is a touch long, but one of my favourites. It was inspired by a talented photographer whose beautiful work provides a space for people to share their stories.

How to formulate Sankalpa?

Practicing meditation on a regular basis, especially Yoga Nidra and other guided practices, can result in a deeper awareness of what our hearts really desire. We can also take a moment to journal and reflect deeply on:

  • what we really want in life,

  • what our goals will provide us with,

  • how our lives would be different once we’ve achieved them and

  • how we would feel.

This information helps us discover our underlying desire, what our heart truly wants. Is it to be loved or to feel that we belong? Is it to help others? Is it to make the world a safer, happier, more just and equitable place?

We formulate our Intention(s) for the year by stating what we truly want to achieve. “I will forgive people who have hurt me and have compassion for them and myself” or “I will find forgiveness towards others in 2021” are examples of Intention that could strengthen our commitment to heal ourselves and to find support while we go through that process.

Your Sankalpa takes Intention a step further by stating your deepest truth, your overarching desire. “I am filled with forgiveness and compassion” is a Sankalpa that describes the way we wish to exist in the world, who we are, a reflection of our core values.

2020 provided a unique opportunity for many to see the truth of injustice and inequity. Perhaps, your deepest desire is to bring equity to certain groups or in your field or work. “I will fight for Justice...”, “I will support endeavours to increase equity in Music” are some examples of Intentions for creating positive change in the community. What Sankalpa could underlie these desires?

Repeat your Sankalpa to yourself often and with feeling, aligning your behaviours and your mind with your deepest truth. Allow yourself to be guided by it. If you desire a peace in heart and mind, explore activities that support finding calm and peace. If you have been plagued with self-doubt and low esteem, perhaps consider confidence building activities such as joining a support group, visiting a therapist or taking a course to improve your skills.

What are your deepest, heartfelt desires? Share in the comments section or email me!

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